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Taken from a sermon delivered on October 18:

Flickering Lamps of Laodicea

Revelation 3:14-22

Does church and faith happen only on Sunday? Is that the thinking of Laodicea? Were these believers segregating faith from home, work and daily activities? What is apparent these Christians are not very interested nor motivated by their faith. These believers that did not allow their lives and actions to be shaped by faith. Faith in Jesus played little or no role in their decisions or lifestyles. It obvious these Christians did not want to be bothered with the application of faith in their lives.

Messenger’s Identity Revelation 3:14 Amen: is a solemn statement of guarantee of truth. Faithful and true: totally reliable and absolute honesty. Ruler of God’s creation: this began the process of creation. John 1:3 all things made through him Colossians 1:15,18 all things created by him.

Messenger’s Knowledge Revelation 3:15-16 Issue was lukewarmness concerning matters of faith. Lukewarmness is nauseating.  Issue is indifference which is hard to combat. Issue of neutrality Standing in the middle can’t influence anyone or anything.

Messenger’s knowledge of their arrogance created by their perceived wealth. Revelation 3:17-18 Affluence was a barrier to following Jesus. Messenger’s observations: You believe you are rich, but you fail to realize you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. V.17 Pitiful means full of misery. Messenger’s counsel Revelation 3:18 Buy gold refined by fire. Get white garments that is given to the faithful Christians. Since you are blind to your real condition purchase “salve” to help you see what is really happening.

Messenger’s love: Revelation 3:19 My discipline comes out of my love. Please hear! “Be earnest” is a call to abandon complacency. Messenger’s announcement:  Revelation 3:20-22 “Here I am!”  “I stand at the door.”

The letter to the Laodicea believers is clear our Savior is distressed with a church where individuals have become complacent with beliefs. Every individual must hear Jesus and repent. Jesus is pleading to each of us. Jesus is searching for us. First, Jesus calls all to repentance of the sin of leaving God out of our life. It’s a call to salvation to bring every person into a meaningful relationship with God. Second, to Christians who have grown cold and lukewarm. You still need Jesus in your life maybe more than ever. Compliancy leads to a failed witness and self-sufficiency leads to failure. Are you lukewarm? Will you repent and hear Jesus?

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on October 11:

Flickering Lamps of Thyatira and Sardis

Revelation 2:18-20 and 3:1-6

The churches had human pastor and each Christian was human with flaws. Ephesus was a capital and business center with pagan Temples. Pergamum was described as the seat of Satan. Ephesus had given up love and caring and Pergamum was strong, but comprised in order to reduce the stress. Jesus called both to repent and return to love and address those who have sold out to comprise. The next two churches are located in Thyatira and the hilltop city of F

Flickering Lamps at Thyatira. Revelation 2:18-29 (Longest letter)

Messenger’s Identity: Revelation 2:18 Words are from the Son of God the divine infallible voice of God. Watchful eyes that sees all that is happening and understands it all. Wonderful strength to stand.

Messenger’s Knowledge Revelation 2:19 There is the high praise for the following: Their deeds done. Their love (agape) meeting needs. Faithful trust of God. Service a compassionate ministry. Perseverance enduring all the persecution and challenges with strength not a passive attitude, All have grown Messenger’s Knowledge of a harmful flaw. Revelation 2:20-24 Toleration of harmful evil doctrine. Self-proclaimed prophetess Jezebel Stubborn refusal. Searching of the heart and minds belongs to Jesus alone. Sealing of their punishment.

Messenger’s Instructions Revelation 2:25-29 Simply hold on to Jesus. Serve with Jesus. Sunrise will come and the morning star is it’s promise. Christians are to shine in the darkness until the dawn comes.

Flickering Lamp at Sardis Revelation 3:1-6

Messenger’s Identity Revelation 3:1 Jesus is the one who holds it all. Messenger’s Knowledge of the situation. Revelation 3:1b Deeds with a reputation of being active and alive. Dead spiritually.

Messenger’s Instructions Revelation 3:2-6 Wake up: alertness is an everyday effort. Process requires remembering what God has given us. Repent and watch. Encouragement: Jesus say’s walk with me. Jesus will give white clothing. Jesus will keep your name in the book of life. Jesus will be our witness before the Father. 

Lowering Biblical standard to get along with society leads to disaster. Apathy and a lack of awareness of the society we live in will lead to defeat in our growth.

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on October 4:

Flickering Lamps of Ephesus and Pergamum

Revelation 2:1-7 and 2:12-17

Today we move into the heart of our sermon series: Flickering Lamps and Flaming Lamps. Last Sunday we attempted to stand with John the Apostle as he experienced the vision of the Risen Lord Jesus. Jesus encouraging message to share with the Churches in Asia Minor who were under severe persecutions. Jesus offers commendations and correction giving opportunities to reclaim their status as flaming lamps. Our focus today is on two Churches, Ephesus and Pergamum whose witness was flickering.

The Church at Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7

The Messengers authority: Hold the stars in my hand and walk among the Churches. I am in complete control and in the middle of all they do.

The Messengers knowledge: Accomplishment: Jesus has the authority to judge. Perseveration is not putting up with things but standing firm in faith. Flaw of losing you first love.

The Messenger’s call: Remember what it was like to simply serve Jesus and community. Repent admission that the fault is individual. Rekindle the love of God, brothers and sisters and the community. Result of failure is the light being extinguished. Respond to correction would result in experiencing the “tree of life” all the joys of faithfulness

Flickering Lamp of Pergamum Revelation 2:12-17

Messenger’s authority: Jesus words are sharp.

Messenger’s Knowledge: I know where you live. I also know your fault.

Messenger’s call: Repent or fight with Jesus. It’s an opportunity. Result of repentance.

Two churches in hard places to minister with opposite issues. Ephesus was rigid and lost love for each other and the community. Pergamum was loose allowing comprise they lost influence. Remember Jesus was building His Church with three purposes. 1. Glorify God. 2. Make disciples 3. Preserving and blessing their community. We must seek first the Kingdom of God. Seeking to discover where is God at work. Surrender ourselves to God. Allowing God to direct us and love one another. Each of us have that responsibility not just pastors, elders and deacons. How will you allow God to use you?  

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, October 4, 2020


Taken from a sermon delivered on September 27:

The True Commander and Chief

Revelation 1:8-20

The revelation was from the Father given to Jesus who passed the revelation on to John who sent it to seven hurting Churches in Asia Minor and us. The sermon series is entitled Flickering Lamps and Flaming Lamps. Before we look at what caused the lamps of five churches to flicker and what made two churches flame, we need to experience the emotions John. Experience the divine presence of the Risen Savior and find encouragement to all who will hear and read.

Emotions of the recipient the beloved Apostle John Rev. 1:9-11 John is a brother and partner in the tribulation.  John brings three words together: tribulation, endurance and the Kingdom. John was bound to an island for preaching the saving grace of God through Jesus. John was brought into the presence of God and instructed to write.  John brings us to the reality of the cost of following Jesus. Jesus called us to “take up the cross and follow Him.”

Experience the Risen Savior and Lord Jesus. Revelation 1:12-18 Voice was heard and John turned to see who was speaking. Son of Man a title reserved for Jesus only. Vision seen is a place. There is a robe of Priest, High Priest and King who will bring truth from God. (1:13b) There is a physical appearance (1:14) Hair that’s white.  Eyes as a flame. Feet of shining brass There’s a Voice. There’s Hands holding stars. There’s a Mouth (words) is a two-edged sword to which we must listen. There’s a Face shining.  Verdict John fell at his feet in reverence. Jesus touches John and say’s “Don’t be afraid. I am the first and last, dead but now living and I alone hold the keys.

Encouragement the Risen Jesus is aware of all the Churches face. Rev.1:19-20 Two instructions write and reveal. Communicate with the struggling Saints.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge Jesus as the final commander and chief of our Kingdom. Jesus hand is on us. We are and will remain in Jesus hand as believers. If you live in fear or are discouraged trust Jesus our commander and chief of your soul.

~ Pastor James

Wednesday, March 18 – Until Further Notice

In an abundance of caution we will be cancelling Wednesday night Services until further notice.

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