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Taken from a sermon delivered on April 4:

LC 11 Jesus Illustration: The Value of a Relationship with God.

John 15:1-11

Easter is the greatest day of hope ever experienced! Before Easter became Easter Jesus illustrated the value of a relationship with God. John 15:1-11 will be our focus today. This relationship is rooted in an enduring standing with God, centered in Jesus and eternal value. 

Relationship rooted in an enduring standing with God. John 15:1-2

Rooted in the Old Testament Isaiah 5:1-7 described as the vineyard of the Lord. Jesus is described as the true vine that is the real genuine vine. Branches that fail to produce fruit. These branches are removed. Israel failed to listen and stepped away from God’s plan. Fruit bearing branches are pruned of what hinders fruit bearing. Abiding branches experience pruning that hinders effective faith. 

Relationship that is center in Jesus. John 15:3-7

Clean in a spiritual sense from the pollution and guilt of sin. Clean because Christians have given room in their heart, soul and life Jesus! Clinging to Jesus or abiding in Jesus means standing firm and steadfast in His love and words. Connection to the Father just as Jesus was connected. Christians must remain connected to Jesus. 15:5a Vine is Jesus that gives us the ability to produce good. Jesus is the source of all we accomplish. 15:5b-6.

Relationships eternal value. John 15:7-11

Enriched prayer life. 15:7 Enriched glory to God. 15:8 God’s self-revelation of His goodness. Enriched expression of love. When we abide in his love it is not out of duty but out of our love for God and people. 15:9 Enriched commitment to Jesus and His teaching. 15:10 Applying Jesus teaching to our daily life.  Enriched Joy for both Jesus and His disciples.  

Easter is the high water make of Christianity. Easter is our guarantee of eternal life in Christ for those who have committed themselves to God though confession of sin. We find purpose and meaning in our service to God and others. Yet many will never experience this relationship, because they will not accept God’s forgiveness. Why? Failure to listen to God’s invitation to a relationship. Second, some will only give lip service to the teaching of Jesus and never apply them to their lives. Third, failure to allow God to support us in the difficult times of life. We turn away and disregard His love. People become useless which is a disaster


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Wednesday, March 18 – Until Further Notice

In an abundance of caution we will be cancelling Wednesday night Services until further notice.

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