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Taken from a sermon delivered on September 27:

The True Commander and Chief

Revelation 1:8-20

The revelation was from the Father given to Jesus who passed the revelation on to John who sent it to seven hurting Churches in Asia Minor and us. The sermon series is entitled Flickering Lamps and Flaming Lamps. Before we look at what caused the lamps of five churches to flicker and what made two churches flame, we need to experience the emotions John. Experience the divine presence of the Risen Savior and find encouragement to all who will hear and read.

Emotions of the recipient the beloved Apostle John Rev. 1:9-11 John is a brother and partner in the tribulation.  John brings three words together: tribulation, endurance and the Kingdom. John was bound to an island for preaching the saving grace of God through Jesus. John was brought into the presence of God and instructed to write.  John brings us to the reality of the cost of following Jesus. Jesus called us to “take up the cross and follow Him.”

Experience the Risen Savior and Lord Jesus. Revelation 1:12-18 Voice was heard and John turned to see who was speaking. Son of Man a title reserved for Jesus only. Vision seen is a place. There is a robe of Priest, High Priest and King who will bring truth from God. (1:13b) There is a physical appearance (1:14) Hair that’s white.  Eyes as a flame. Feet of shining brass There’s a Voice. There’s Hands holding stars. There’s a Mouth (words) is a two-edged sword to which we must listen. There’s a Face shining.  Verdict John fell at his feet in reverence. Jesus touches John and say’s “Don’t be afraid. I am the first and last, dead but now living and I alone hold the keys.

Encouragement the Risen Jesus is aware of all the Churches face. Rev.1:19-20 Two instructions write and reveal. Communicate with the struggling Saints.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge Jesus as the final commander and chief of our Kingdom. Jesus hand is on us. We are and will remain in Jesus hand as believers. If you live in fear or are discouraged trust Jesus our commander and chief of your soul.

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on September 20:

The Last Days

2 Timothy 3:1-17

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, September 20, 2020


Taken from a sermon delivered on September 13:

Can I have a Relationship with God? 5 Resources to Grow Your Child's Relationship With God - Fishbowl Family

Job 42 and Matthew 4:17-25

Standing in God’s presence with God speaking from the storm Job comes to understand his relationship with God. He expressed his unworthiness. Job 40:3 God began to heal his heart and soul. He was beginning to grasp the greatness of God. Job never come to understand the why’s of all the sadness and pain. In Job 42, Job discovered is relationship with God. God responds to the friends and restores Job. There is an answer in the New Testament to Job’s final question: “Can I have a relationship with God?  Matthew 4:17-25

Job discover his relationship with God. Job 42:1-6

God has knowledge of all things. Job 42:1-2a. God is aware of all we experience. 

God has a purpose in everything that we experience.

God speaks and we should listen, acknowledge and respond.

God responds to the friends and restores Job. Job 42:7-17

Rebuking the friends. Job 42:7-9 Failed to speak correctly to Job.

Restoration of Job. Job 42:10-17 Job was began to understand the relationship.

Matthew 4:12-24

Scene: Jesus answers the challenge of Satan.

Saving mission Matthew 4: 17-25

Preach to those in darkness of ignorance proclaiming the light of hope and forgiveness. Repentance for the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Process was to call fishers of men. An invitation. Instructions intervention Matthew 4:23-24 by Teaching Preaching Healing 

Like Job we will not likely understand nor get the answers to the “why’s of life, but we can have a relationship with God that is real. This relationship provides forgiveness of sin and eternal life in Jesus. God is reaching out to us with love. Please don’t miss this opportunity to be in a relationship with God. He is seeking you. Listen to his voice and respond to God’s call.

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, September 13, 2020


Taken from a sermon delivered on September 6:

Job’s 7th Question: What Can I Say?”

Job 32-40:5 Matthew 16:24-26 John 3:16-18

The days had been long overwhelming and painfilled. The debates with the friends was over and now silence, but a new voice and personality enters the scene. Job chapters 32-40:1-5 we discover the entrance of Elihu, the entrance of God from a whirlwind and the New Testament answer to Job’s question: “What Can I Say?”

Enter Elihu Job 32-37  

Full of Wisdom because he has a revelation form God. Job 32:10-11; 33:1-3; 36:1-4 Friends have failed at helping Job understand he is a sinner. Job 32:2-5Fully declares the acts of God. 33: -34:35, Attacks Job 34:35: 35:3 Advances his assessments of God’s acts. 35:4-37

Enter God as He speaks for the whirlwind. Job 38: –40:5

Theophany: An appearance of God in the Old Testament in a natural phenomenon presenting God’s sovereignty

Confrontation with all but especially Job. You asked for it so here I am. 38:1-3  

Creation was by God’s power. Creation of earth, seas. Job 38:4-11 Complete operation of the universe. Job 38:12-39Closing Challenge. Job 40:1-2Conclusion reached by Job. “What can I say?” Job 40:3-5

The New Testament Answer. Matthew 16:24-26

Following Jesus means we will deny ourselves. Following Jesus means that we will take us a cross. obligation and opportunity. Following Jesus means yielding our life. Following Jesus requires us to make an individual decision.

Bottom line is we are broken by sin by leaving God out of our life. What is so important that we will exchange our soul for it? Job question: What can I say? He had no response in the present of God. Today’s question is What will you say when God asks you what will you exchange for your soul? John 3:16-18 again help us make a decision. God loves you. God gave his only son. God does not want anyone to perish. God desires all have life. God did not come to judge you, but save you. Acceptance of Jesus as Son and redeemer removes condemnation. No decision leaves a person condemned. You are at a crossroad which road will you take?

~ Pastor James

Wednesday, March 18 – Until Further Notice

In an abundance of caution we will be cancelling Wednesday night Services until further notice.

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