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Taken from a sermon delivered on July 25:

Dan 9 Prayer, Plan and Prophecy

Daniel 9

Daniel’s faith and reading of the scrolls allowed him to move on with life. I’m reminded of the writing of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 40:28-31 Allow me to read that small passage. God is not weary or tired. It’s our faith and trust in God that enables Daniel and Christians today. God gives strength to the weary. A strength which allows us to soar at times, to run and to walk putting on foot in front of the other. In the times of uncertainty, fear and exhaustion, God’s strength allows us to function. Daniel’s attention to the scroll of the Prophet Jeremiah takes us to Daniel’s prayer, a plan and prophecy’s foundation.

Prayer to God: Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel had been reading the Prophet: Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 25:1-12) Daniel had come to an understanding that the desolation of Jerusalem would only last 70 years., 9:1-2 This understanding took Daniel to his knees in prayer.

Daniel’s prayer approach: 9:3 Turning to the Lord God knowing the only source of help. He prayed and offed petitions (very urgent intense requests). He fasted.  He put on sackcloth and ashes humility and direct honesty. He hide nothing.

Daniel’s act of prayer: 9:4-19 Begins with worship. “the great and awesome God v4”. Moves to confession: 9:5-6 I and all my people have sinned.  He understood the consequences of all sin: 9:11b-14 Concludes with petitions: 9:16-19.

Plan of God Daniel 9:20-24

Prayer was acknowledged by God. Still in prayer and God acted. Process used by God used the angel Gabriel instruct, give and understanding. Plan 70 x 7 years to complete six actions: Finish transgressions, end to sin, atone for wickedness, bring everlasting righteousness seal up vision, to anoint the most holy.

 Prophecy’s Foundation. Daniel 9:25-27

First unit of 7 a decree to restore and rebuild the Jerusalem. Second unit: lasted 434 years until the Anointed One is cut off. Followed by an indeterminate length of time. (time now) Third division unit: Anti-Christ 9:27 will break a covenant seeking to destroy God and His people. Ending Daniel’s 490-year prophecy.

Reading the Prophet Jeremiah resulted in prayer, worship and confession. The plan of God for human history in a period of 7 units of 7’s Anointed One is killed (Jesus) We are living in the “pause” now. Final event unit leading to judgement.   His love for you calls. Will you hear Him? Will you surrender your life to Jesus?

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on July 18:

Dan 8 Powerful People, but it’s God’s World

Daniel 8

Chapter 8 is more specific and contains historically concrete facts to bring hope to the present and into the future. Christians will always face challenges of Satanic origin. Daniel admits in the last verse the vision terrified him and made him sick for days. He never fully grasped an understanding of all that he saw and experienced. The vision was around 552 BC. Chapter 8 presents a vision of a ram and a goat, road human history will travel and reaching to understand.

Ram and Goat:  Daniel 8:1-10

Location: Daniel was in Babylon, but Daniel sees himself in Susa the Capital of the Persian Empire. Looking he saw: Ram with two horns. Looking again Daniel saw a Male goat with a single horn moving fast. It defeated all that stood before it. He defeated the Ram with two horns. Male Goat then exalted himself.  Looking again he saw the single horn broken and four replaced it.  Spreading to the four winds of heaven. There comes a “little horn” the grew in greatness.

Road human history will travel. Daniel 8:11-16

A Little horn will conquer and dominate a people and seek to replace God and worship. A rebellion: Punishment for a sin. A reckoning: according to the word spoken by God’s massager How long? Answer: 2300 evening and morning It’s a period of time. Daniel seeks understanding and help is given by Gabriel.

Reaching for Understanding Daniel 8:17-27

Daniel was terrified and falls down and was helped up. Vision explained: VV.19-22 Ram with two horns was Media-Person empire. Male Goat King of Greece: Four horns will be the four generals who will divide the kingdom and themselves become rulers. The little horn out of the one who rules the Holy Land. As Gabriel foretold Daniel, this ruler would do 5 things: 1) Make himself equal to God. 2) Take away the expressions of worship. 3) Overthrow the place of Worship 4) Turned many Jewish people away from worship. 5) Truth of God cast down.

Daniel was told the vision was true and for a distant time. Seal it up, it will be 386 years later. The seal will once again be opened as the “Lawless One” is revealed. What does this all mean for us? Approach the future with confidence because God holds human history. Find comfort in the Word of God. There will be a feeling of concern that somewhere out there will be a world dictator who will defy God. I Thessalonians 4:18 “Encourage one another with these words”. Finally, take seriously the commission of Jesus to reach out with compassion to those who have no idea of what the future holds. Share Jesus the hope of eternity.

~ Pastor James

Taken from a sermon delivered on July 11:

Dan 7 Prophetic Collage

Daniel 7; I Thessalonians 4:14-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Daniel vision/dream was strange and troubling unique animals. Daniel 7 is a collage of human history, control of Human history rests in the Ancient of Days, completion of human history.

Collage of Human history. Daniel 7:1-8;17-20

Collage: a piece of art made by sticking various different materials like photos, paper or fabric on a backing. A collection of various things. Chronology: First year under the leadership of Belshazzar. Daniel was around 67 years old Dan. 7:1 Construction of the vision/dream: Four beasts 7:3-8 Like a lion with eagle wings that are plucked. The lion stands with a man’s heart Babylonian Empire. Like a bear: Standing up with 3 ribs and told to devour. Meado-Persian: Like a leopard with 4 wings and 4 heads speed and stealth. Alexander the Great Greek. Like nothing that has been seen. terrible, dreadful, strong with iron teeth diverse with 10 horns and a little horn rising with eyes and a big mouth: The Roman Empire that fell in the 5th Century as Individual nations arose. The Roman Empire will be replaced by the final Kingdom of God.  

Control rests in the Ancient of Days. Daniel 7:9-11; 13-16

Ancient of Days: presence, power and purity of God. Presence, Power: judgement Purity Announcement the “son of man” Anxiety of Daniel to understand. Appeal.

Completion of Human History the Final Chapter Daniel 7:20-28

The horn: Comes up with eyes and a big mouth speaking great things. Continuous attack is successful for a time devouring, breaking and changing laws. Court Daniel 7:26-27 The horn: antichrist: I Thessalonians 4:14-17 The Rapture? 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Antichrist will be welcomed by the world not rejected. Antichrist will be appealing not repulsive. Antichrist will be extraordinary not ordinary. Antichrist will be a Gentile not Jewish.

The Hope of Christians: Settle your heart and mind on Jesus. Don’t worry. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 Not yet happened. Rebellion first you be the judge of events today and decide the hour. Satan is source of Antichrist power. Revelation 13. He is joined by false prophet. Salvation Revelation 19 Final conflict.    

Unsure of your relationship with God. Listen to His call, stirring in your mind and heart. Receive His offer of forgiveness. Confess sin and receive Jesus. Are you ready for the final days or for that matter your final hours?  Brother and Sister in Christ hold on to this truth God has the whole world in His hand. We are never alone. No never alone.

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on July 4:


Saturday, August 14 from 11 AM – 3 PM

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