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Taken from a sermon delivered on January 10:

LC 2021-1 Illustrating Spiritual Debt

Luke 7:24-50

Jesus uses this setting to answer three challenging questions. What are you looking to find? What kind of person are you? And, what kind debt to you owe?

What are you looking to find? Like 7:24-30

Jesus illustration using the example of a reed waving in the wind. A reed is influenced by the environment. It never resists it moves at the direction of the wind. Jesus illustrates with those who dress in soft clothing. Silk clad professionals will only be found in a place of royalty.

Jesus illustrates by asking did you come to see a prophet a massager who would lead you to God. Malachi the prophet wrote years before: 3:1 “Behold I am going to send my messenger and he will clear the way before me. And the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come…” John was the herald of Jesus who would bring repentance.

 What kind of person are you? Luke 7:31-35

Jesus illustration: Children at play: Children who always want to determine the kind of games that will be played. Children who are unhappy when their playmates don’t follow what they have decided and demand them to participate. Children actions that are arbitrary response to John and Jesus. John was crazy. Jesus was a glutton a drunkard and had questionable friends. Circumstance: Courtyard open to everyone to listen and view. Characters: Simon a Pharisee who invited Jesus. A woman who was questionable character. Jesus the invited guest. Careful expression of love for Jesus.  Conclusion of Simon: Jesus can’t be a prophet. Conversation: Simon we need to talk.

Jesus illustration: Luke 7:41-50 Two debtors one owned a lot one much less. Truth Simon needed to understand. Both were forgiven. Who would love the forgiver most? Touching comparison: Simon did not. Woman did.

Simon was self-sufficient. Woman had hope. What are you looking to find? What kind of person are you? What kind of debt to you owe? Jesus is awaiting the answers. What are your answers.


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Advent 2020 Joy to the World

Genesis 3:14-19; Psalm 98, Luke 1:46-55 and Romans 5:12-18

Joy is our theme this Sunday before Christmas. It’s a journey to joy thru the Scripture. Genesis 3 the journey begins in pain, Psalm 98 examines the wonderful things God has done. Luke 1:46-55 is expectation and Romans 5:19-21 finally understand the redemption through Jesus.

Journey of pain: Genesis 3 The fall of mankind. FOR AS THE CURSE IS FOUND Three judgements: Serpent deceiver: on your belly you will crawl, eating dust and hatred. The woman: childbearing will be painful. Subjection to husband still a challenge today. Hatred between Satan who would wound Messiah (cross), Messiah would give Satan a fatal wound. Adam: hard labor and lots of obstacles. 

Journey of the Wonderful Works of God Psalm 98 God’s salvation plan: God’s salvation brings victory over death. God’s lovingkindness: mercy and God’s unending love. God’s righteousness : seeking the best relationship with God and people.vv1-3. Humanity’s response: vv4-6 Use your voice  Use your musical instruments. Use the trumpets  Use your voice in the presence of the Lord. Nature’s response: vv7-8 Sea roars. You’ve stood at the oceans edge and listened to the constant sound. Rivers clap their hands. Mountains sing.  Lord is coming as judge to make things right for both man and God. v9


Journey of expectation. Luke 1:46-55 God’s ultimate statement is Christmas total act of God. God uses people. God’s acts to redeem.

Journey to redemption. Romans 5:19-21 Sin’s ruin and God’s forgiveness.

One act of man resulted in condemnation. One act of Jesus’ righteousness on the cross results in justification.  One act of disobedience made all sinners. V19a One act of Jesus obedience brings righteousness v19b Law was given to help us understand sin and acknowledge its penalty eternal death: the separation from all that is good. Sin increases but grace abounds. Grace: God unmerited favor delivers us from the misery brought on by sin. V20.

Joy to the world because the Lord Jesus has come. God’s plan to redeem was Jesus born in a barn in a little unimportant place. Announced to and witnessed by unimportant people. What a strange way to save the world! That’s God’s plan.

Wednesday, March 18 – Until Further Notice

In an abundance of caution we will be cancelling Wednesday night Services until further notice.

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