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Taken from a sermon delivered on June 20:

Dan 6 Laws and Lions: Resource of God’s Protection

Daniel 6

Daniel was a missionary in a strange difficult place. I want to ask you a question. Do you sometimes feel you are living in a strange place where it’s difficult to live? Peter reminds Christians today when he wrote. “I Peter 1:14-16As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance, but just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do. Be holy, because I am holy.” Holy does not mean we must be perfect but set apart, sanctified and consecrated. Daniel 6 contains the most remembered account of Daniel being cast into a den of lions. Before we move into the dreams/visions of Daniel about the future, we discover the resource of God’s protection from Laws and Lions

Background of Envy and Hate. Daniel 6:1-5

Government of the New Empire Darius appointed Satraps: Persian officials over groups of people. He also appointed 3 Commissioners or Presidents Daniel was one of those presidents with much greater responsibility over Kingdom.

Glimpse of Daniel’s qualifications for leadership. 1. He had a extraordinary spirit. He was winsome, positive, teachable, not prone to conflicts. 2 He was faithful in doing his job. He was responsible and dedicated to his job. 3. He was honest. You could trust him with any of the resources of the Kingdom. 4. He was consistent in his relationship with God. 

Bad Actions produced by Envy and Hate. Daniel 6:6-15

Conspiracy trap Daniel with a new law and a cruel penalty. Complete the document that can’t be changed. Continuing practice of Daniel was prayer facing the Temple in Jerusalem, Kneeling in humility. Giving thanks to God and worshipping. Capture of Daniel: Call to remember Darius You signed the law. Concern of Darius: 6:14-15 Daniel and Darius had a close relationship. The law demands the Lions.  

Blessing of God’s Protection Daniel 6:16-28

Plan is executed: and orders are given 6:16-19 Faith encouragement from Darius. Fitful night of Darius: fasting, failure of music to calm him, Finality stone door. Protection of God: Daniel 6:19-23 Distressed Darius. Delighted Darius: You trusted God. Deceivers punished the Lions were not so like to them. Decree: Honor the God of Daniel. 6:25-28

The final resource given by Daniel’s personal experience is God’s protection. Like the song we sometimes sing: The Battle is the Lord’s. Self-defense seldom works. Let God fight protect you. The Battle is the Lord’s  

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on June 13:

Dan 5 The Resource of God’s Omniscience

Daniel 5

Our first President George Washington in his inaugural address expressed his unworthiness of the honor and a warning he said, “since there is no truth more thoroughly established in the economy and course of nature and indissoluble that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregard the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.” In summary: leave God out or disregard God will lead to demise.  This was the painful lesson learned by Belshazzar so long ago. Daniel 5 provides a lesson of a leader who disregards and disrespects God, Lord response and the Lord’s limit to rebellion.

Leader who disregards and disrespects God. Daniel 5:1-4

Leader Belshazzar called the son of Nebuchadnezzar v22.Some have made this an issue because there is no link historically to Nebuchadnezzar. This does not diminish what took place with Belshazzar. He was the son of Nabonidus.

Leader’s banquet: Belshazzar never considered there was a threat. Nothing can harm us. Let’s party! Disregard for the items set aside for the worship of God taken from the Temple. Disrespects the God of the Hebrews in their party by using the items in a secular way or in worship of false gods.

Lord Responds Daniel 5:5-24

Finger writing on the was in front of the King. V5 Facial expressions changed v6 Find someone to explain the message. None was able. The Queen knows a man. Faithful servant of God Daniel “There is a man” Daniel arrives to the flattering words of King. Vv.13-16 Daniel rejects rewards and recounts history.. Failure of Nebuchadnezzar pride until he looked up and gave God glory. Finally, you have made a horrible decision and taken action that God knows.  You are in God’s hand whom you have not glorified.

Lord has a limit to rebellion Daniel 5:25-30

The message to the rebellious. Mene: is about numbers your kingdom and it’s finished. In other words  Tekel: measure of weighing: you did not measure up. Peres: word means divide. Your kingdom is divided. Mighty is fallen

God knows all and is acting in real time. Thanks be to God for the patience given and the grace afforded us. Each one of us has a death date that is unknown. It’s the reason Jesus instructed us to live every day in light of the end. Have you prepared for that moment? If not, Jesus is speaking to you! Listen to his call.

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on June 6:

Dan 4 Judgement may be Slow, but Certain

Daniel 4

We come to Daniel 4 with its focal point of judgement and correction. Our study brings us to look at a declaration of the king, a dream that troubled the king and the debasement and deliverance of the king.

Declaration: Daniel 4:1-3

Nation-wide address: The declaration was made to all the people, languages and locations under the rule of the King Nebuchadnezzar. There was a wish the welfare of all the people to do well. The king expressed his opinion and understanding of things.  He declares the God of Israel has done and shown him. He accepts at least in an intellectual way a belief in the Hebrew God. He accepts politically submitting to the One true God. If it was a true acceptance that commitment was shallow, we will observe later. It’s clear that God will go to great efforts to demonstrate his love for all humanity. God also reveals His authority and sovereignty of all of creation.

Dream: Daniel 4:4-27

Self-satisfied king gloating in his great success and accomplishments. Suddenly, he admits to having a dream that troubled him he was Afraid. Daniel comes before the king. Nebuchadnezzar had faith in Daniel, but not totally in Daniel’s God. He said Daniel was especially in tune with the gods of Babylon. Speaks the Dream: 4:10-17 Great tree grew and provided and protected all under it. Great messenger: A watcher! Great instructions: Chop down the tree but leave its stump. Changed mind for a set period of time. Command of the watcher who is the ruler. Sad meaning: 4:19-27 Wishing the message was for those who oppose you. Strong tree is You. You will become insane.  You must recognize the “Most High as the Ruler”. Strong advice: v 27 leave sin. Practice rightness and mercy.

Debasement and deliverance: Daniel 4:28-36

Debasement: one year after the dream warning come the judgement. V30 reflecting on all around him he said, I did this. I deserve the glory and majesty. judgement came. His kingdom was removed and his mind failed.  Deliverance: v34-36 He acknowledged God sovereign rule. He is a humbled monarch. He is not resentful. He praises, exalts, and honors God.

God’s judgement may be slow but it is certain. Hebrews 12:5-10 speaks to Christians. Sadly, judgement will come to the lost. Those who leave God out of their lives. This judgement is eternal separation from God’s love, mercy. The most tragic decision a person can make. Rejection of God means eternal death.

~ Pastor James


Taken from a sermon delivered on May 30:

Dan 3 Trust in God: Win or Lose!

Daniel 3

Daniel chapter three gives the resource of understanding that God is sovereign if we win or lose! We will study a image, instructions of the King and the intervention of God.

Image: Daniel 3:1-7

Project was massive: A project to discredit and defeat of the God of Israel? 90 feet tall 9 feet wide overlaid with gold. Politicians were summoned governors, Lt governors, administrators, law enforcers. Proclamation: Bow down when the music starts. Penalty: Burn in the furnace

 Invitation and instruction of the King Daniel 3:8-18

Accusation of the Chaldeans s malicious attack. They didn’t bow! A Second chance: the three are invited into the presence of the King and given another chance to bow. You bow everything will be right. If not, you burn. Acceptance of their decision: Hebrews: We don’t need to say this but we will not bow. Our God we serve is able to deliver. Arrogance was not a part of the Hebrews decision, but the vitality of their faith. God was their life and hope for life.

Intervention of God Daniel 3:19-30 

Astonished King: Could not believe what he was seeing, not three but four in the fire! All walking around unharmed, but one looks like a son of God! Address of the King to the four. “Servants of the Highest God” v26 Assembly of witnesses v27 Acknowledgement of the King. God of the Hebrews set help of deliverance because of their trust in Him! Announcement: Nothing bad can be spoken of the Hebrew God.

1 Peter 2:18-20 reminds us Christians are not exempt. We are asked to be a witness for God. Only way we can maintain our witness is trusting God. Trust is linking words with action! Commitment demands believers take a stand. Deliverance rests in God’s sovereign will. Don’t misunderstand death can be deliverance, pain, sorrow gone. Peace and the presence of God are gained. It’s difficult to accept, yet it’s a believer’s future. The reason the Hebrews could stand firm. The movie “The Shack” provide a scene where the character of Jesus says, “Religion is too much work! I want friends. I want people to be changed by a relationship!”. Relationship with God makes a difference. God condemns no one to hell. Sadly, it’s a choice. Listen to the Spirit of God and chose to bow before our Creator or separation from God and the love offered by God.

~ Pastor James


Wednesday, March 18 – Until Further Notice

In an abundance of caution we will be cancelling Wednesday night Services until further notice.

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