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Taken from a sermon delivered on August 2:

Job’s Question 3 Who Can Reach God?

Job 16:1-17:2; Hebrews 9:24

Job’s Question number 2 answered in the New Testament. “Who Can Reach God?” In our text today we find Job speaking as a Broken Man, who has a Bold thought that is answered with a Blessed reality of the New Testament Jesus.   

Broken Man Job 16:1-14

Friends were terrible comforters. Job 16:1-6 They are long winded and present arguments that only amount to condemnation. Faith in God is a struggle: Job 16:7-14 Job turns his frustration with God’s seemly absence or unconcern.  Fate has seized me, humbled me, hurt me, harmed me with no one to hear my prayer

Bold thought: Job 16:18 -17:1-2

Blood left uncovered cries for vengeance is a ancient belief. V18 Bold statement follows: Job 16:19-21 There is a witness in heaven. There is an advocate on high and an intercessor that is my friend who pleads with me for me. Bleak reality sets back in Job 17:1-2 His broken spirit returns and a desire to die.

Blessed truth of Hebrews 9:24 

Jesus entered heaven, not a man-made heaven, but the heaven of God to appear before Father God. He entered as a witness to our struggle. An advocate for our defense, an intercessor for our needs. Jesus knows and understands human weakness, fear and doubt. Jesus also knows the heart and mind of God. As the God-man he can represent to heaven and holiness our hurt, pain and depression.  

Oxford scholar and Bible student Dr. Benjamin Jowett was asked by a woman. “What is your opinion of God?” He replied, “Madman, I should think it a great impertinence were I to express my opinion about God. The only constant anxiety of my life is to know what is God’s opinion of me.” It’s not about our opinion of God, but about God’s opinion of us. God loves us and sent Jesus His Son to redeem us from the power and penalty of sin. Do you know Him?  Will you listen to God’s spirit stirring your soul and heart? Will you surrender your life to Him?   

There are times when our traditional beliefs are challenged by the pain and hurt, we experience. Troubled believer there are life lessons here. Don’t expect people to understand your hurt. Expect to be angry with people and God during hard times. Don’t’ be afraid to express your hurt and pain to people and God. Accept moments of hope that God sends and never forget Jesus is present in heaven pleading. Jesus is aware and present in the hardest moments of life. Trust Him.

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, August 2, 2020


Taken from a sermon delivered on July 26:

Job’s Question 2 If a man die shall he live again?

Job 14: John 11:25-26

Job moves away from his case to considering the experience of all people. The question becomes universal, “If a person dies will he/she live again?” Job begins with the human experience, his search for hope and the experience of death and the end of trouble. 

Pondering the human experience Job 14:1-6 Three truths

*Life is short: Job 14:1-2 We are fragile! 

*Life is hard: There are a lot of sad times to be experienced. 

*Life is judged: Job 14:3-6 Legal setting Job is surprised that God would seriously charge such an insignificant thing.

Searching for hope. Job 14:7-22

*A tree stump in dry ground just needs a little water to have a chance! Vv7-9  A man doesn’t have that possibility Death is final! It’s over. Vv10-12 A fleeing thought v13 At least the grave hides a person from God’s anger.  A question: Job 14:14-22 The expected answer is NO! There is just a brief glimpse of a tiny ray of hope in the middle of despair. Call me I will respond. Count my steps not my sin. Cast my sin into a bag. Cover my sin. Crumbling of hope like water washing away soil. Change a person’s countenance and send him away. 

Experiencing the reality of death and the end of hurt. John 11:25-26 

*Setting is not UZ but a small town just outside of Jerusalem: Bethany. Calamity had struck there. Brother Lazarus was sick and Jesus had been called. There was a confidence that Jesus could do something. Jesus delayed. Death had come. 

*Sad statement by Martha. If you had been here you could have done something! 

*Surety of resurrection Jesus is the resurrection and life. Jesus is simply expanding the definition of life. 

There is a condition! Jesus asked Martha, “Do you believe this?” Martha: I know is not a proposition but a person. The Christ, the Son of God, who was coming into the world. Faith shifted away from the Pharisees to Jesus. Everyone must answer this question. Life is eternal and the grave is not the end. The decision is where will you spend eternity? Life with God or Life apart from God in hell. Hell is seldom mentioned today, but hell is the final place for those who reject God’s love. Have you? Will you accept Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life. It’s a choice only you can make!

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, July 26, 2020


Taken from a sermon delivered on July 19:

Job’s Questions: Is There a Mediator

Job 9:25-35; 1 Timothy 2:5-6

Job’s questions seem to go unanswered in the pages of the Book that bears his name, but a search of the words of Jesus and the New Testament the answers are found.  Job 9:25-35 Job asks “Is there a Mediator? A go-between feeble human and the creator God. Our focus will be on the First Conversations, Faith which does not understand and the fact there is a mediator between God and Man. His name is Jesus.

First Conversation Job 3-8

Commendation of friends: The friends do two important things. First, they come to be with Job in his despair. It’s not easy to do. Second, the friends listened. I don’t think Job sat there silent during those 7 days. Condemnation of friends when the friends begin to speak. They begin to offer council, advice and judgement. Hardships are the result of personal sin. Concern of Job was to question that theology!

 Faith crippled by lack of understanding. Job 8-9 

Bildad’s advice: God is just and when bad happens you have sinned. Bildad confronts Job which is a difficult thing to do. It’s easier to just say I’m sorry for your loss and get out. Yet there is a measure of compassion in Bildad’s challenge and that could have motived him. Best response to Bildad was God is good and then Job asked a legal question. Job 9:32-33 Is there someone who can mediate between me and Holy God. There is a difference between God and man?

Fact there is a mediator, umpire and a arborator 1 Timothy 2:5-6.

Breakdown between God and mankind is a result of our sin. Unconfessed Sin builds a wall between us. Black despair Job questioned of no mediator creates no hope. Breakthrough 1 Timothy 2:5-6 There is only one God not many. We are to find in God a meaningful personal relationship. It’s amazing that God Himself. One Mediator between God and man Jesus! Jesus was qualified the Son of God sent by Father to redeem us. Jesus is qualified because he took on a human body. He knows and understanding the human condition. Jesus is qualified by giving His life as the payment to ramson us from our sin. Only Jesus can mediate between God and humanity. Jesus only is qualified!

Job was asking for more than justice he desires an opportunity for reconciliation. Job needed and thirsted for acceptance and love. Is there anyone who can take my hand and the hand of God’s and bring us together? Yes, there is a mediator. One who gave his life to bring men back to God.

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, July 19, 2020



Taken from a sermon delivered on July 12:

Job: The Model for Righteous Suffering


Today we launch a new sermon series entitled: Job’s Questions – New Testament Answers. A study of Job’s hard situation alone could be discouraging and depressing for many, but if we link Job’s Questions with the New Testament anguish can become answers to those most difficult moments of life and the storms, we all have faced or will face. Yet we must begin with Job himself. Job is a model for the suffering righteous. Let’s examine Job’s character, his possessions, his faith and the attack of Satan. 

Job’s Character: Job 1:1 Four words or phrases

Blameless: means wholesome, moral innocence, well rounded. Upright: means straight forward, loyal, well integrated, Feared God: He had a reverence of God recognizing God’s majesty and power. Shunned evil: avoided evil   

Job’s Possessions: Job 1:2-3 He was Blessed!

Blessed with children 7 sons and 3 daughters. Highest expression of blessing was a large family. 10 represents in scripture completeness Blessed with possessions:  Lots of livestock and a large number of servants let’s call them employees. 

Job’s Faith: Job 1:4-5 Priest as well as provider

Gathering of the family: Brothers and sisters gathering was a normal occurrence. Gathering for worship: Concern, missing the mark or straying from the known path. Call Commitment Custom 

Job’s Attack by Satan: Job 1:6-2:10 Four Scenes

Scene One: Job 1:6-12 Heavenly meeting. Hopeful suggestion: Hateful response: Harmful plan:  Scene Two: Job 1:13-23 4 catastrophes. Prosperity taken in 4 swift actions: Stealing of the oxen and donkeys. Lighting takes sheep. Camels taken and a storm takes his children. Job mourns! Scene Three and four: Job 2:1-10 Heavenly meeting: Harmful challenge:  

What possible value can we find in this account? First, there is meaning, value and purpose in every life experience. Now that’s had to swallow isn’t it? Second, our society is filled with hardships and challenges but God remains on the throne and reigns over the circumstances. Third, we are in a spiritual battle with evil. Be strong and of good courage. Your Lord and God is with you.

~ Pastor James

Posted by Montgomery Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, July 12, 2020


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